The adventures of Private Randy (and sons)

Once the smoke cleared, our enemy was in sight. They were relentless in their pursuit. Our fire power was no match against their speed and determination. We were lambs to the slaughter. The buzzing in our ears as our arms flailed in a futile attempt to shoo the tiny demons away. All the bug spray in the world wouldn’t save these movie extras from being feasted on by the blood sucking mosquitoes.  What else would one expect wearing bright red deep in a sugar bush?

In early June we had the opportunity to help a friend out with a movie shoot. It’s entitled ‘Soldier in the barn’, directed by Ontario native Richard Groen. It’s about a soldier from 1812 who ends up time travelling into the future and is befriended by a boy. We were shooting the start of the film where the main character is caught up in a battle during the War of 1812. I took this opportunity to bring my two sons, who are no strangers to their mother’s crazy historical antics. To my surprise, they were very patient. My youngest only complained about having to stand around and wait a handful of times. They understood the value of the experience. It was a great day with friends and mother son bonding time. They have long accepted that they have a strange mother who’s hobby is to shoot at Americans.