Seige of Charles Town Reenactment

February 16, 2019 – February 17, 2019 all day
Mullet Hall Equestrian Center
2662 Mullet Hall Rd.
John’s Island
South Carolina
Colonial South Events

The Siege of Charles Town is a large-scale, two-day reenactment this February recreating the events leading to the city’s fall on May 12, 1780. The Siege was one of the most crucial battles of the American War for Independence, and the Continental defeat at Charles Town would cripple American forces in the South. We are proud to represent this important event in our nation’s history. The battle reenactment represents a section of what the 42 day siege could have looked like, including fortifications and artillery. There is also an open 18th century encampment for visitors, where guests are encouraged to ask the speakers or reenactors questions about the period that they represent. Units conduct military drills, and soldiers and camp women perform the daily tasks necessary to run a Revolutionary-period campaign.
Catering services for the general public and Saturday night reenactor dinner provided by Beasley’s BBQ!
Further details and program itinerary soon to come.