Loyalist Profiles

We are pleased to share a series of Loyalist Profiles in both written and video formats.

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Video Loyalist Profiles

Thank you to our contributors for sharing these Loyalist Profile videos.


Submitted by: Jamie Scott

Subject: Reverend John Bethune

Time: 6:42

Reverend Bethune (Dictionary of Canadian Biography)


Submitted by: Jon Wannamaker UE

Subject: 1760s Loyalist-related Document

Time: 6:52

View document and information: The Schryver Families of Fredericksburgh and Hastings County (Ontario)


Submitted by: Robert James Rogers UE

UEL Ancestor: Major James Rogers

Time: 22:00

Profile of James Rogers (pdf; 4 pages)


Submitted by: Dallas Robinson

UEL Ancestor: Jacob Countryman

Time: 4:33

Countryman Resources at Paul Countryman (website)

Profile of Sgt Philip Hierlihy

Presented in 1st Person by descendant Carl Stymiest UE

Time: 6:48

Hierlihy History (Charlotte Taylor)

Hierlihy Years (Charlotte Taylor)


Profile of William Osterhout & His Descendants

Presented by Janet Parsons UE

Time: 4:11

Profile of Thomas Kendall Beaman UEL

Presented by Roslyn Beaman UE

Time: 4:26