The Many Cultures of the UE Loyalists

The experience of individual United Empire Loyalists is as unique as each one of us. There is no one story, but many complex ones within our history. The following information and related links will provide some insight into the numerous facets and experiences of being a United Empire Loyalist.


For Haudenosaunee Allies and Black Loyalists, please follow links.




German Palatine Loyalists

The Palatines – (pdf document)

The 1709 Palatine Migration and the Formation of German Immigrant Identity in London and New York (Pennsylvania History)


Scottish Loyalists


Scotland and the American Revolution by Matthew P. Dziennik (Journal of the American Revolution)

Highland Regiments in American Revolution (Electric Scotland)
Sketches Illustrating the Early Settlement and History of Glengarry in Canada by J.A. MacDonell (ElecticCanadian)


The Effects of the Huguenot Diaspora on the American Revolution by Steven D. Griffin, Major, US Army (Thesis; pdf)


The American Dutch, Their Church, and the Revolution by James Tanis (pdf; 13 pages)

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Nova Scotia

Quakers during the American Revolution

Location: Loyalist Parkway

Quakers who were U.E. Loyalists by Randy Saylor

Friends and Peace: Quaker Pacifist Influence in Ontario to the Early Twentieth Century by Lise Hansen

The Early Quakers (Napanee Beaver, 1900)

Quakers in the Atlantic Provinces

Pennfield, New Brunswick (Settled by Quaker Loyalists)

Hessian Soldiers

Canada and the German mercenaries of the American Revolution by Anik Laflèche (Library and Archives Canada Blog)

8 Fast Facts About Hessians by Bethany Collins (Journal of the American Revolution)

Genealogy & The Hessian Soldiers by Fred Vickerson (Global Genealogy)


American Loyalists – Loyalists who remained in America

Dr. Sylvester Gardiner | Maine

Martin Howard | North Caroline

Joseph Wanton Jr. | Rhode Island & New York

Jewish Loyalists

Loyalist Jews During the American Revolution (Loyalist Trails; pdf)

Isaac Touro | Rhode Island