The Many Cultures of UE Loyalist History


The experience of individual United Empire Loyalists is as unique as each one of us. There is no one story, but many complex ones within our history. The following information and related links will provide some insight into the numerous facets and experiences of being a United Empire Loyalist. We welcome user-contributed content. Please CONTACT US your stories, images, links and insights.


Haudenosaunee Allies & Loyalists

Haudenosaunee Allies & Loyalists: This link will take you to our dedicated Haudensaunee History page, curated by David Kanowakeron Hill UE

Black Loyalists

The story of Black Loyalists is one of the many complex parts of the history of the United Empire Loyalists. Even when some UELs arrived in Canada, they did not stay – they set off on ships to start anew. This is one family’s story of discovering this history. “Wayn Hamilton traces his family’s history back to black soldiers who sided with the British during the American revolution, and eventually found refuge in Nova Scotia.” Black Loyalist History. CBC News. 2013


Black Loyalist Heritage Society

Richard Pierpoint – Heritage Minute: “At 68, a formerly enslaved Black Loyalist enlists men for the Coloured Corps, an instrumental company in the War of 1812.”

Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia (Canada): Black Loyalist Migration

Black Loyalists – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Departure of Black Loyalists – Historica Canada

Black Loyalists – Canada’s History

American Loyalists – Loyalists who remained in America


Palatine Loyalists

The Palatines – (pdf document)

The 1709 Palatine Migration and the Formation of German Immigrant Identity in London and New York (Pennsylvania History)


Scottish Loyalists


Hugenot Loyalists


Dutch Loyalists