Bridge Annex Committees

UE Loyalists Bridge Annex (“Bridge Annex”) has formed key committees  responsible for directing core activities of the branch. Each Committee will consist of a Chair, and up to 4 committee members (unless committee submits for special permission for more members). Special Committees will be formed as required, e.g., UELAC 2021, as directed by Bridge Annex Board. Each committee will have one Bridge Annex Board Member serving as a committee Chair, and the UE Loyalists Bridge Annex President is an ex-officio member of each committee (not included in specified committee size).

How to Apply for a Bridge Annex Committee Position:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application Form, include which position you are interested in
    • Positions will be assigned by the UE Loyalists Bridge Annex Board based on interest and experience
  • Sign the Code of Conduct (once accepted to the committee)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Post Agenda to Committee Members at least 2 weeks in advance of meeting (for regular meetings, special meetings may fall out of this range). A “Master Scheduling” system will be implemented to ensure all Bridge Annex Board and Committee members are kept abreast of scheduled committee meetings and events.
  • Post Minutes of meetings (within two weeks)
  • Submit all projected plans and any associated costs to the UE Loyalists Bridge Annex Board before committing to anything
  • All communication with our membership and/or the public comes from Bridge Annex. Committees must submit such communication to the Bridge Annex Board for consideration and/or distribution.

Committees will be provided with Committee Portals, a specific, private page on our website where you can post information, agendas, minutes, etc… for other committee members. You will also be facilitated with the use of Zoom Meetings for interactive discussions. The Chair, or designated Committee member, should submit their request for Zoom Meeting facilitation at least one week prior to planned meeting, however, special requests may be submitted to facilitate “last minute” meetings. There are a variety of other social media tools, which may be used by the Committee, as they determine.

Committees are asked to welcome volunteers to help with tasks and projects outside of Committee Member duties. Bridge Annex is committed to engaging our membership and collaborators in ways that encourage their participation, without over-taxing their time, efforts, and enthusiasm. When recruiting, please ensure that volunteers sign the Code of Conduct.

Bridge Annex Committees play an important role in creating innovative, dynamic and engaging opportunities to share our passion for Loyalist history and educate about its importance. We encourage collaborative efforts between the committees, Bridge Annex Board, members, and external partners. Together we can accomplish much; together we can create something amazing!

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Bridge Annex Committees

Engagement, Education & Outreach Committee

Responsible for developing communication and engagement opportunities with current membership, recruiting of new members, and developing opportunities for external engagement and collaboration. The committee will*:

  • Ensure members are kept informed about upcoming events, understand how to connect with Bridge Annex, and bring community ideas to the Board, with an assessment of execution, which may be conducted by the committee upon direction of the Bridge Annex Board
  • Plan special events to engage our membership e.g., social events (virtual or physical). All external events will be under the scope of the Events Committee
  • Identify opportunities to support Loyalist education and information sharing. As we support Loyalist education initiatives, this committee will be responsible for assessing how we might support our own initiatives and others spearheaded by UELAC or other organizations
        • Includes: Assessing opportunities for education fund-development e.g., educational grant proposals
  • Connect with groups, organizations, and communities to cross-promote, provide information on Bridge Annex, and Loyalist history

*As a newly formed committee, the Bridge Annex Board invites you to further refine the scope of committee responsibilities and activities.

Bridge Annex Board Member/Chair: TBA

 Events Committee

Develop opportunities for both virtual and physical events, either as lead organization or collaborator with another group.

Key responsibilities of the committee include*:

  • Research opportunities for virtual and physical events in Canada, United States, and Internationally
  • Collaborate on events and projects that enhance the opportunities for learning about Loyalist history, Bridge Annex, etc… (may be a collaborative effort with the Outreach Committee from time-to-time)
  • Upon identification of opportunities, the committee will assess the opportunity, including researching costs, event organizers, etc… and provide an analysis to the Bridge Annex Board for decision-making purposes. Once the event has been approved, direction will be given to the committee on how to move forward.

*As a newly formed committee, the Bridge Annex Board invites you to further refine the scope of committee responsibilities and activities.

Bridge Annex Board Member/Chair: Jennifer DeBruin

Special Committee: UELAC 2021

This special committee will be responsible for directing the planning and execution of UELAC 2021 in Cornwall, Ontario.

  • Co-Chairs: Jennifer DeBruin & Patricia Groom
  • Amanda Fasken
  • Barb Lane