UE Loyalist Profiles

This page will grow to include UE Loyalists found in history books, and those only found in the family trees of their descendants. Please submit profiles you would like to see included on this page. CONTACT US!


Sir William Johnson

Sir William Johnson – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

The Regime of Sir William Johnson (1755-74) – Parks Canada

part of paper entitled: The British Indian Department and the Frontier in North America, 1755 – 1830 by Robert S. Allen)


Sir John Johnson

Sir John Johnson – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

History of Sir John Johnson – Sir John Johnson Branch UELAC




“The Three Faces of Molly Brant” (Iroquois, European, Loyalist)

Molly Konwatsitsiaienni Brant

Molly Konwatsitsiaienni Brant – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Molly Brant – Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation

Molly Brant, Heroine of the People – Mysteries of Canada






Joseph Thayendanegea Brant

Joseph Thayendanegea Brant – Dictionary of Canadian Biography





Colonel John Butler

John Butler – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

John Butler – Early Canada Historical Narratives

Niagara’s History Unveiled: Col. John Butler (article)



National Archives of Canada #C-002833.

Sir Guy Carleton – Lord Dorchester

Guy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Biography of Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester – Histoire du Quebec






Sir Frederick Haldimand

Sir Frederick Haldimand – Dictionary of Canadian Biography





Hessian Soldiers: 8 Fast Facts About Hessians – Journal of the American Revolution

Patick McNiff: Surveyor for Loyalist Settlements