The adventures of Private Randy (and sons) Civil War Edition

The boys and I had such a great weekend playing Civil War. It was my first time bringing them to a CW event. What made it great was the members of the 118th NY and how amazing they were with Campbell and Jacob. They had brought extra kit and made sure they felt included.

I had all but given up on Campbell becoming interested in this hobby. But he shocked me this weekend. He likes it! He really, really likes it! Ed and Pete gave him the chance. They had him field with us after a morning of solid drilling. He didn’t fire the first battle, but after wanted to try it. I was giddy with happiness. I got to play mother and father and teach my son how to fire a cap lock as well as my flintlock. The smile on his face after the first shot was priceless (I wish I had a photo). On Sunday he fielded and fired during the battle under watchful eyes. He did great for his first time and really enjoyed it. 

 118th NY Civil War

Jacob also did well, despite losing the colors on Saturday (and not living it down). He almost lost them again Sunday, but luckily Private Mom saw the Confederate sneaking through the bush towards him and cut him off. As I discovered, the mother instinct doesn’t go away on the battlefield. After Sunday’s battle, they asked Captain Pete when the next event was.